Want to join the team?

Are you currently in college with a passion for leading students deeper into their faith at M28Camps? We are looking for college students who have completed their Freshman year, are passionate for Christ, and love working with youth!

If this is you, apply for a summer position by filling out this application.  Email application into


M28 showed me what loving friendship is all about. I went to M28 last summer for the first time not knowing anyone and being so nervous about making new friends. After a couple of days, the people I met became not only my friends, but my family.
— Cecilia Pringle, M28 Counselor 2018

If you are interested in applying to join the team, please read the following covenant as you discern your readiness to apply.
The following covenant will be signed by those accepted as an M28 Staff Member.



I agree to begin NOW and continue the following things throughout my ministry with M28 Camps:

I will participate in an active life of discipleship. This includes attending a local church, reading the Bible and praying daily, consistently being involved in a Bible study with other believers, being engaged with a worshipping body, and seeking to represent Jesus in my daily thoughts, actions, words, and deeds.

If I am under 21 I will adhere to local law and not consume alcohol. If I am 21 or older, if I consume alcohol I will not get drunk, post alcohol on my social media, and I will pray and seek guidance from the Lord before I consume alcohol. I will not consume alcohol while I am preparing for or attending M28Camps.

1 Corinthians 7:2 teaches that sex is for a marital relationship, therefore I will not involve myself in a sexual relationship outside of marriage.

I will use my words to uplift others and glorify the Kingdom of God therefore I will refrain from cursing or using foul language and posting anything related to this subject on social media. (Ephesians 4:29)

I will refrain from discussing with participants at M28Camps important topics related to racial issues, divorce, homosexuality, transgender issues, and politics, as these are topics students should be discussing with their youth pastors and parents.

I will not spend time alone with any student/youth at M28Camps (including those from my own church). I will have an adult or other M28 Staff person with me when talking with a student.

My body is the temple of God and I willl therefore wear clothing that covers all of my personal areas. (At camp, females will wear 1 piece bathing suits. Males - no speedos.)

I will not show public display of affection with anyone, including a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I will follow the M28Camps schedule, be prompt in each role I play, enjoy being a team player, and enjoy the amazing plans God has in store for me!